Things to Know


GUARANTEE: 100% Human Hair

1. You can categorize His & Her Hair into five different grades.

A. Regular-
Regular quality hair is the least expensive.

    It is available in 6 different textures in single weft in 2 oz. pkgs. (Deluxe is quality between Italian Mink and Regular) Ideal
    for those looking for more thinner, natural looking wefts. You can buy just the amount you need since it's available in 2 oz. pkgs.

C. 50% Italian Mink-
    Higher quality hair, softer and finer in texture. It is easier to manage and has the most body. It is also our most popular texture. Ideal for a person with semi-
    fine hair.

D. 100% Italian Mink-
    Comparable to the 50% Italian Mink. It is extra fine and soft texture. Ideal for a person with extra, extra fine & soft texture. It will be available in Silky
Straight only.

    Absolutely THE BEST HAIR you can buy. The Cuticle® is available in Silky Straight, Natural Perm Straight, Kinky Straight, French Bodywave, French Refined, Water Wave and European Wave. It is available in handtied weft (micro thin weft) and the machine weft.

2. Some hair are available in extra lengths and colors. Mixed colors and blondes such as #Platinum, 11, Platinum/27, Platinum/33D, 11/27, 11/Platinum, 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 22, 24, 27, 28, 33D, 280, 284, 283, 39, 301, 59, 60, 613, etc. are extra charge. Two toned colors (darker roots / lighter ends) are available in the limited textures only.


3. Please do understand that blondes, lighter, mixed colors go through more excessive processing than the darker colors. Therefore, the condition of the blondes, lighter, mixed colors may not be as good. Especially the curls and waves in the lighter colors are not as good as the darker colors.


4. It would be advisable NOT to TINT, COLOR, PERM or DO ANY EXTRA CHEMICAL PROCESSES because it has already been treated. Please be extra careful with blonde and other light colored hair. They are more chemically processed than the dark hair. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the outcome. We DO NOT recommand for you to use color shampoo / purple shampoo which tends to damage the hair.

5. There are variations in textures, colors & curl patterns on each shipment. If you want the colors from our color ring, please let us know. We will try to match the color as close as possible to what we have in stock. Otherwise, there may be some variations in colors. Please do understand that even if you place an order for the same products, if ordered at different time, there may be some variation on textures, colors and curl patterns. If ordering two or more pkgs of hair in same texture and same color but in different lengths, the color and/or curl pattern may vary.


6. Some colors may bleed especially darker colors such as Jet Black and Reds. Bleeding will stop after few washes. (It is recommended to wash the hair prior to wearing in cases like this.)


7. For gray hair, we often use yak hair which is animal hair. When human hair is dyed gray, it often comes out yellowish. Therefore, we use yak hair for a more white-gray colored hair.


8. Silky Straight (human hair) may have loose bodywave after wash. In cases like this, you can apply blow dryer or flat iron to straighten the hair.


9. On curly and wavy hair, specified length is after the curl / wave is pulled out straight.


10. Micro thin weft - hand wefted for most natural look. Undetectable. Wefts are pre-cut to approx. 10" wide for convenience. Micro thin wefts can be purchased in pieces (Do not cut the weft). If a handtied hair was purchased by package and only partial has been returned, used pieces will be charged by piece price.

11. We do not recommend for you to split the weft. You may have excessive shedding problems if the weft has been split.


12. We do not offer non-shedding guarantee. You can apply silicone glue or weft sealer on the weft to secure. On customer's requests, we can re-inforce the machine wefted hair for $5.00 per pkg. We recommend purchasing the handtied wefts which are more secure.


13. For best results, we do not recommend mixing different levels of qualities and textures of hair.


14. We do not recommend for you to weave more than 2 layers per row. Too many layers per row will make it difficult to comb/brush the hair which will cause the hair to tangle.

15. If you have extra sensitive scalp / skin, chemical used to process the hair can cause some irritation. In cases like this, stop using the product(s). Although most customers do not experience any reactions, you are using the product(s) at your own risks.


16. Most bundle of human hair is sold by the weight of approx. 4 oz. except for Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Deluxe and Tight Afro Kinky etc. We do not guarantee certain width.

17. Please be aware that there are many color variations in wigs.

18. Hairpieces and wigs may not last as long if it's slept on.

19. Flammable products such as removers, glues, etc. can be shipped by UPS-Ground only.


20. If a guaranteed delivery is delayed for any reasons other than act of Mother-Nature, you will be given a store credit for the shipping. No refund will be issued. Sorry, no exceptions! (Note: There will be no guarantees on delayed packages due to weather or natural causes.)


21. Due to the computer system, once the order is placed, we can not add or make any changes. If you need to add, we will need to send it out separately.

22. Customer are liable for returned postage charge if the package is returned unclaimed. If an incorrect / incomplete address was given to us by a customer, customers are liable to pay UPS fee of up to $20.00 for address correction.


23. We may require adult signature on all UPS orders over $2000.00. There is an extra charge.

24. If you request for an order to be delivered to a different address other than the address on the package, re-routed fee of $18.00 for Overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day and $12.00 for Ground will be applied. Please make sure to confirm the shipping address at the time of order. *UPS fees are subject to change*

25. If you have a problem with the hair, you must return the hair with invoice for us to test before we can resolve such matter. Products such as flat iron that comes with manufacture warranty can be replaced for the same brand & item only on condition of manufacture defects. It will not be replaced if the equipment has been dropped or abused. All person information given to us will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared. Your personal information will be used only to fulfill your order.

26. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior written notice. For most up to date information and prices, visit our website at