Silky Straight

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Cuticle® Skin Extensions - Silky Straight

Polyurethane weft: Skin like, see through hand made weft with adhesive. Hair extensions made simple with our new Skin Extensions. Cuticle® skin extensions® is made from the best quality (healthiest) raw material. It is  specially processed by our highest skilled technicians to give extra body and  vitality to allow our customers to wear the Cuticle® for a longer period of time without the problems of tangling and matting. Our skin extensions come with a strong adhesive glue already applied. For added security or to re-apply, you can use Liquid Gold bonding glue. 


Skin Extension - Silky Straight

Skin Extension - Silky Straight in 100% Human Hair Polyurethane weft: Skin like, see through hand made weft with tape. Hair extensions made simple with our new Skin Extensions. It's made with high quality hair, Italian Mink®. Because it's made with our Italian Mink® hair, you know that the hair will be soft, smooth, long lasting and may be re-usable. Although our skin extensions come with some adhesive on the skin, it is recommended for you to use the skin extensions with our skin tape for longer wear. 



TAPE SKIN EXTENSION - STRAIGHT 1.5 x 3/8" (6 PCS) His & Her Tape-in Skin Extensions are hand ventilated on the polyurethane base (skin) with high quality human hair for most natural look. Our seamless Tape-In Skin Extensions are safe, affordable and long lasting. These professional quality hair extensions are very popular and used in top tier salons around the world.  ***Color photos may vary slightly from actual colors. • Hair Weight (6 pcs / set)   14"-16": 0.35 oz. / set   18"-20": 0.44 oz. / set