Q. What is a weft?

A. A weft is strands of hair which have been sewn by machine or by handtied along one edge to create a line of hair. The handtied hair is much smaller and thinner weft than the machine weft. It is more secure because the weft had been individually made by hand which means less shedding. Also, since the weft is less bulky, it makes it flatter and less visible for more natural look.

Q. What is hair extension?

A. Hair extensions is a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair by means of weaving, braiding, fusion, bonding or clip-on, etc. For best results, it is normally applied by a skilled beautician in a salon, but many individuals have been applying it in the convenience of their own home for clip-on extensions.

Q. What are the types of Hair Extensions?

A. There are many different methods in which you can wear hair extensions. These are the general terms the industry uses to represent the process.

1. Weaving: A process in which you create tracks on the individuals head and sew the hair

2. Braiding: A process in which you add hair extensions by braiding them in.

3. U-Tip: A process in which "U" shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to attach
using extension iron.

4. I-Tip: A process in which "I" shaped glue is on the hair tip ready to be attach by using the
His & Her Ring-Xer and metal rings.

5. Fusion: (Hot glue gun method) A process in which the extension hair is attached directly to
your own hair by heated glue stick.

6. Ring-X: A process in which the metal ring is already on the hair ready to attach using
His & Her Ring-Xer.

7. Bonding: Bond glue is applied onto the weft of the extension hair and then applied at the
root of the individual''''s hair.

8. Clip on: A process in which the extension hair is pre-cut and has clips attached on the weft
to clip on and off to your own hair. It is very simple and easy to wear. You can put it on or
take it off yourself without costly salon appointments.

Q. Where does human hair come from?

A. Human hair comes from many parts of the world. Asian countries are the prime source of human hair extensions. We take the long human hair from individuals and process it to have different textures, curl patterns and colors.

Q. What kind of shampoo and/or conditioner can I use?

A. Moisturizing shampoos and balsam conditioners are recommended.

Q. How much hair is needed for a full head?

A. Normally for a full head of weave, you will need 1/2 pound of hair depending on the length of the hair. This is two bundles of hair for weaving or braiding. However, depending on how big a head, type of styles and how much hair you want will determine how many packages are needed.

Q. Is it possible to be allergic to hair extensions?

A. In some rare occasions, the chemical processing that goes through to treat and process the hair may cause some irritations or allergic reactions on your head and/or skin. We do not have any data on what types of skins or individuals who may be at risk in developing these types of symptoms. Therefore, please understand the risk and consult your physician or check to see if you develop any allergic reactions with hair extensions. We will not be responsible for any allergic reactions from wearing hair extensions and hair pieces.

Q. Can I color my extensions?

A. You can color human hair extensions. However, human hair extensions have been previously treated and chemically processed. Therefore, it is not recommended. If you must color the human hair extensions, we recommend purchasing slightly lighter color than what you are looking for and use semi-permanent color to darken the hair color. It is less harsh on the hair when you are depositing the color than lifting the color. We do not guarantee the color outcome. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be colored.

Q. Can I swim with hair extensions?

A. Yes, We do recommend that you wear a swimming cap. Chlorine and salt water can dry out the hair. After swimming, you must wash the hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo and balsam conditioner.

Q. Can I get hair samples?

A. Yes, Color Ring and Sample Book are available for purchase. If you need to match to a specific color(s), you can send us a sample to match as close as possible to what is available.

Q. Can I use a curling iron and/or blow dryer on my extensions?

A. Human hair products can be styled just like your own hair with heating tools. Though, like any human hair, too much heat can dry out the hair. For mixture of human and synthetic hair or wigs, only some are specifically designed for use with low heating tools.

Q. How long does extensions last?

A. It depends on the different methods of extension. With daily wear, most weaving, sewing on extensions and fusion methods can be expected to last for approximately 2- 3 months. Also, depending on how fast your own grows out and how good the hair had been taken care of, the duration will vary. Other methods can last for approx. 2-6 weeks.

Q. Will extension hair damage my own hair?

A. No, as long as it is done properly by a professional and proper hair care is followed.
Do not use chemicals.

Q. Can I re-use extension hair?

A. It is possible. Depending on how the hair is taken care of, it can be re-used. Especially, our higher quality hair such as His & Her Cuticle may be re-used if hair care instructions are followed.

Q. Do I get a special discount for beautician or student?

A. Sorry. We have a set price for everyone.


Q. Will there be some color variations?

A. There will be some color variations from time to time.  Because human hair extensions are processed and colored by a skilled technician, there are some variations.  Also, colors that you see on your computer monitor may appear different from the actual hair.   If you have questions about some colors that you see, please call us to discuss at 1-800-421-4417.