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1 PC. Semi Curved Weaving Needle

1 PC. Semi Curved Needle for Weaving



BAMBOO DREADLOCK NEEDLE Dreadlock Crochet Hook for Hair Dreadlock Needle Tool for Braid Craft Dread Locks Crochet Needles 0.75mm (1 Hook / 2 Hooks / 3 Hooks) • Size: 0.75mm • Perfect for fixing dreadlocks. • ONLY ONE PIECE NEEDLE: You can choose 1pcs single hook or 1pcs double Hooks or 1pcs triple hooks • Material: Natural bamboo and metal • Super smooth feel and lighter than metal needles


1 PC. Deep Curved Weaving Needle

1 PC. Deep Curved Needle for Weaving


Needle - 7 pcs / pk.

ALLARY CORPORATION Assorted, Stainless Steel Weaving Needles 7 pcs.


T - Pins(12 PCS.)

(T-PINS)Hold hairpieces and/or wigs in places.



BAMBOO DREADLOCK NEEDLE • APPLY TO: Dreadlock crochet hook for hair braids, fixing dreadlocks, braid craft, to make your dreadlocks look better, also a great gift for housewives and family • SIZE: Needle Dia. is 0.75mm; 3 dreadlock crochet needle, 1pcs single needle, 1pcs double needles, 1pcs triple needles • MATERIAL: Stainless steel needle with bamboo handle, smooth surface with soft touch, comfortable to grip, sturdy and durable, premium quality • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 3 x Dreadlock Crochet Hook, includes 1 hook, 2 hooks and 3 hooks • Tips: If you have any questions about this product, please contact us first, we will try our best to solve your problem.


Hook Ring

(HOOK-RING) Hook - Ring (S, M, L) Ring Hook Needle  Small crochet hook for the Ring-X hair system. Small, Medium & Large Hook available. * Hook-Ring-S * Hook-Ring-M * Hook-Ring-L   


Hook - L (Latch Hook)

Latch Hook